Photo of Jason BrowneRotary Club of State College (PA) Downtown

Jason Browne, a member of the Rotary Club of State College (PA) Downtown, is co-owner of Givevolve, an enterprise that uses its business, marketing, and event expertise to "package" fundraising opportunities. His firm generates funds and works with community organizations to integrate with their mission and provides professional development, speeches, coaching, and other services to foster a strong sense of community.

Jason is better known in central PA as a motivational speaker and host of a daily radio show. He picks up the story - “OK, pieces of my life just happen. The radio station gig actually came about because I was doing a promotion for a Rotary event. Apparently the banter that I had with my current co-host was funny,” Browne said. “And then two months later I’m on the radio. It's really cool that you have a Black guy and a white girl in the morning radio show in the middle of central Pennsylvania. It just kind of works.”

Jason’s passions and successes are rooted in his diverse interests and experiences. IT professional, radio DJ, streamer, entrepreneur, and a Paul Harris Fellow +4. Jason loves to make membership memorable by creatively creating meaningful change and having fun along the way.

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